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Accelerator supports the commercialisation of health and life science research and allows knowledge transfer between business leaders, clinical colleagues, key opinion leaders and academics.

The Accelerator is co-located to the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) MHRA Phase 1 Accredited Clinical Research Facility that is based in the Royal Liverpool Hospital and the University of Liverpool Bio Banks, allowing companies further opportunities for research and development. This focus and concentration of research activity covers all aspects of medical and life sciences research and draws in expertise from additional disciplines such as engineering, chemistry and computer science to develop the next generation of therapies, diagnostics, medical devices and care practices that are transforming human healthcare in the 21st Century. Accelerator brings you into these networks through our organised events and informal contacts.

Standing at the heart of the Knowledge Quarter Liverpool, Accelerator has a core role in encapsulating these resources and offering these opportunities to inventors, enterprises and entrepreneurs.

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Accelerator Building
Standing at the heart of the KQ Liverpool, Accelerator provides opportunities to inventors, enterprises and entrepreneurs.

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